Easy Christmas Recipes for Kids

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. What better way to spend it then baking some delicious desserts with your kiddos. Not only is this a super fun activity for them to enjoy, you'll also have delightful treats for everyone to share. Need some baking inspiration for the this Christmas? Check out these Christmas recipes that the kids and family will enjoy baking! 
Reindeer Cupcakes
Cupcakes - Giddy Vibes

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These reindeer cupcakes are one of the easiest Christmas snacks the kids can make this Christmas season. With the school parties, gatherings and Christmas spreads coming up, these cute cupcakes are great to celebrate the season of joy. For this recipe you can either use your own favourite cupcake recipe, or purchase a cupcake mix from the grocery store. For the perfect moist cupcake, just add a small box of pudding and an extra egg. You'll also need some melting chocolate, red icing, brown icing, black icing and eyeball sprinkles to create the perfect reindeer on your cupcake. Follow full recipe here
Santa Hat Brownie Bites
Image features a plate with Strawberries on top of brownies that are shaped to look like christmas trees - Giddy Vibes
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Check out these adorable Santa hat brownie bites that you only need 3 ingredients with. These are: a box of brownie mix, strawberries and some white chocolate chips. Christmas recipes for kids such as this one make it easy to prepare your dessert and also make your spread look delicious with tiny Santa hats. Only needing 3 ingredients will save you time and money for the perfect and cutest dessert. Full recipe here
Rudolph Brownies
Brownies that have pretzels, eyes and a red chocolate to represent a reindeer - Giddy Vibes
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Another Christmas recipes idea for your dessert table are these delicious Rudolph reindeer brownies. Using only brownie mix, chocolate chips, mini pretzels (or candy canes) and chocolate m&m's, this may be one of the easiest Christmas recipes ever! Children will be able to show off their creativity by creating their own reindeer brownies with candy canes or even marshmallows. Full recipe here
Rice Krispies Christmas Puddings
Rice krispy balls covered in chocolate to represent misteltoe - Giddy Vibes

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Check out these beautiful rice krispy mistletoe balls that the children can make in no time without an oven! Made in three simple steps, you'll wish all Christmas snacks should be made this easily. Bite size and perfect for the Christmas table, no one will get their hands off of these adorable mistletoe rice krispy balls. Full recipe here
Santa Hat Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamonrolls decorated as santa hats - Giddy Vibes

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Christmas recipes for kids should be this fun when it comes to cinnamon rolls! Decorate your own cinnamon roll Santa hat with this recipe. All you'll need are cinnamon rolls (ready to bake), mini marshmallows, red food colouring and icing (from the cinnamon roll packet if possible) to make the most easiest and adorable Santa hats with the children. At 30 minutes tops, the kids will enjoy making these cinnamon rolls for the Christmas dessert table, and even add their own flare with creativity of other ingredients to add to the hats. Great idea for Christmas desserts! Full recipe here.

Pizza Stocking

Pizzas in the shape of stockings with toppings - Giddy Vibes

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Who doesn't love pizza? Make these mouth-watering stocking shaped pizzas with your kids today. These can be easily made with pizza dough and your choice of ingredients to customise your own flavours. Add some pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, tomatoes, mozzarella, seasoning, or even making your own dessert version with nutella and marshmallows! In under 30 minutes, these delicious pizzas will be the perfect addition to your Christmas desserts table, especially for the kids. And don't forget to have fun with it! Wear matching Christmas pajamas while you cook, and make core memories with your kids. Full recipe here.

Christmas Lights Cookies

Sugar Cookies with white icing and black lines with colours to represent Christmas lights - Giddy Vibes

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Create these cookies with icing and m&m's to make the perfect Christmas lights cookies. Hosting a cookie decorating party could be the perfect addition to your Christmas events for the kids. Let the children have fun with this quick and easy Christmas recipes . Cookies are the way to go to also give away as gifts, or spread onto the dessert table. Full recipe here
 Reindeer Sandwiches
Heart Shaped Sandwiches with decorations to look like Reindeers - Giddy Vibes

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These sandwiches are one of the cutest Christmas recipes ever! An easy and quick snack for the kids to make for lunchboxes as well as for your Christmas desserts party. Fill it with Nutella or peanut butter and the kids will for sure love it. Adding m&m's, choc chips and mini pretzels are a great way to customise these little sandwiches to look like reindeers. To make the shape of the reindeer's face, just find some cookie cutters (they've used a heart one) to cut out seamless sandwiches with no crust. Full recipe here


These are just a few of our Christmas snack ideas that are bound to make your Christmas a little extra special with the help of the kids with the ease of quick recipes. Keep the little ones occupied during the school holidays and becoming amazing little chefs in the kitchen. 

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