Kids Family Christmas Pyjamas Australia

Kids Family Christmas Pyjamas Australia

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      Why Christmas pyjamas?

      Matching Christmas PJs is the perfect way to include the whole family in the Christmas fun! Our Christmas PJs have fresh designs that are reflective of our Australian Christmas. So, there's no need for anyone to settle for daggy Christmas prints this year! 
      These matching PJ sets are the easiest way to bring excitement and joy to the kiddos. We know Christmas photos aren’t the same if not everyone's happily matching! Our three prints are perfectly designed for the whole family - and we know the kids will love them just as much as the rest of the family.
      They are the perfect Christmas gift or stocking filler for kids. Not to mention, our PJs will last a long time and can be passed down. It’s a win, win situation! Our matching PJs are also great for creating memorable moments with those you love the most. 

      Christmas Pyjamas Australia

      Australian Christmases are hot! And we can’t complain because we are lucky to spend time by the beach with family. But that also means that what we wear is super important so that we aren’t hot and sticky all summer long. We've ensured that our PJs are organic, soft, lightweight and breathable so your family can wear them comfortably all summer. Plus, our Christmas PJs have been carefully designed so that not only do the kiddos look great but so do mum and dad!
      When we say that our Christmas pyjamas are meant for the whole family, we mean it. From newborn to nanny, everyone can get involved with the Christmas celebrations.

      Christmas pyjamas for kids

      Some kids' Christmas pyjamas can have super gimmicky prints or come in limited sizes. We’ve created the most amazing PJs that are just as perfect for kids as they are for the adults in the family! The kids will love them and be able to wear these sets all year round. And we also acknowledge how quickly our kids can outgrow sizes. Therefore, the high quality of the PJs ensures they can be passed down and worn for many years.
      All of our PJs celebrate everything great about our Aussie Christmas
      The Giddy Vibes’ kids' Christmas pyjamas have round-neck cotton with short sleeves for ultimate comfort. The shorts have an elasticized waistband which allows for additional comfort and can slightly stretch, making it perfect for their growing bodies. 
      After a few washes, the fabric relaxes, which gives it a more flowy feel. This means your little one can wear these PJs all year round, look stylish and still feel comfortable.

      The fabric

      Giddy Vibe’s Christmas Pyjamas are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. This means that they are perfect for withstanding the hot Aussie Climate. We’ve made sure that they are lightweight, soft and super breathable. What’s not to love? You don’t have to stress about your kids becoming irritated by uncomfortable fabrics. 
      Our PJ sets have also been designed and made right here in Australia. This ensures its of high quality that you can count on. We’ve also ensured that our colours don’t run in the wash, which is important if you want your PJs to last and not look daggy.


      We’ve made sure to think of designs that kids will love, and the whole family can join in on as well! Our matching Christmas PJ sets are instant memory makers, perfectly designed to get the entire family involved!
      Our pyjama sets are available in three gorgeous Christmas prints that reflect everything there is to love about our Aussie Christmas: The Palm Beach print, Christmas prawn print and traditional Christmas print.

      Palm Beach print
      The Palm Beach print is more subtle and relaxed as it was designed with the white sand of the Whitsundays in mind. This print features Christmas trees, surfboards wrapped in fairy lights, palm trees, waves and the sun. Also, our Palm Beach print PJs feature soft, calming colours, perfect for kids with sensory sensitivities.

      Christmas prawn print
      Our Christmas prawn PJs are a bit more novelty and perfect for those kiddos that crave a bit of pizza. This print features prawns with Santa hats on a bright blue and white striped background. The wild Christmas Prawn print lends itself to family holidays by the beach.

      Traditional print
      Our Traditional print has everyone’s favourite Christmas symbols combined with the bright and infamous green and red. This print combines Christmas trees, stockings, fairy lights, and koalas with Christmas hats. This pattern is perfect for the whole family who wants to join in on the Christmas fun but not is over the top. 

      Who's buying them? 

      Basically everyone! Sisters, mums, dads, grandads. Our matching family PJs is the perfect way to create a magical Christmas for everyone. Not to mention, our PJ sets are the ideal stocking fillers and presents that the kids will adore. 

      What payment options are available? 

      Giddy Vibes offers Shop pay, AfterPay, Google Pay and Paypal, and your standard credit card checkout option. So no one will miss out this Christmas!
      Browse our collection of infant Christmas pyjamas, where you can find the perfect kid Christmas PJs. This ensures your kiddos will be happy and look stylish this Christmas!