About Us

Hi, my name is Ness and my hubby and I recently launched this business in 2021 after spending the last 6-7 years hunting around to find cute matching Christmas PJs for whole family, only to come up empty-handed. We love how matching Christmas PJs can add to the excitement and giddiness of Christmas and also help create some beautiful memories. So, we thought we'd take matters into our own hands - and Giddy Vibes was born.
We wanted to make gorgeous matching PJs that had designs that reflect our summer Christmas time. We have different Christmas traditions to the rest of the world - and we love that! Our Christmas time is spent on beach holidays, swimming, camping, eating seafood, having BBQs, and making the most of those long hot summer nights. As a result, we wanted our designs to reflect the laid-back nature of the Australian Christmas. We also wanted them to be lightweight and made from 100% organic cotton, so you love wearing them ALL summer long - not just for a quick photo. We want you to be able to capture those gorgeous family memories all summer long. And to be honest, we wanted our PJs to be flattering on adults, not just the kids - they will always look cute! 
For our beautiful customers with sensory sensitivities, our Palm Beach PJs have a gentle Christmas print on them with calming colours, and are super soft and smooth to touch. The print is also made from a non-toxic dye. We are committed to evolving our patterns every year to better meet the needs of those with sensory sensitivities, and who want to be involved in the fun of matching Christmas PJs. 
We hope you love our matching PJs as much as we have loved designing them for you.  We're proud to say all our products have been meticulously designed and manufactured right here in Australia too - quality you can count on. 
We are just starting out as a small business but we would love to hear any thoughts, comments or suggestions you have about our range and how we could better accommodate you. We want your Christmas experience to be the best one yet! 
Ness X