Advent Calendar Ideas (10-17Y)

We know coming up with Christmas advent calendar ideas can be tricky and time consuming, BUT they are a great way to get all the kids into the Christmas spirit. Thankfully there are advent calendars for almost every topic, tv show, movie, game or book. Here are some ideas that will cater to any 10 to 17 year old, both male and female.

Friends Advent Calendar

 This calendar is for any kids who are fans of the classic TV show Friends. Many teens enjoy this show even though it finished in 2004 as this is one of those shows that never gets old and filled of jokes that are always funny. Not only is this calendar bright and funky, it This is one of the most popular advent calendar ideas, and reasonably priced at only $49.99 (via Booktopia).

Friends advent calendar


Marvel Pocket Pop Advent Calendars

Marvel's come up with some great advent calendar ideas over the years, and this one is no different! EB Games are perfect for the older kids, who are often tricky to buy for. With all the new Marvel movies coming out this collection gives your teen a chance to collect all their favourite characters from the movies. Also a great way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas. Retails from $110.
Marvel advent calendar  

National Geographic Advent Calendar

This collector limited edition advent calendar by National Geographic offers tweens/teens the chance to collect rare rocks and gemstones. Kids love collecting items and this pack allows them to expand that ever growing collection. Prices retail for $45.55. They'll get to experience what it's like to be a true geologist (via Amazon).

National geographic advent calendar

Beauty Advent Calendar

There is no shortage on advent calendar ideas for the young tween or teen girl.. This calendar from The Body Shop has 24 gifts that consist of shower gels, creams, face washes, lip balms and accessories to keep her busy and exploring what she likes. Why not introduce your tween into finding the scents they like and skin care routines they can take into their teens. Retails from $120. Although this may seem rather pricey, The Body Shop's products are truly worth it and will last a while.

Beauty advent calendar

Lego City Advent Calendar

Kids love building and decorating at any age. This advent calendar from Lego allows your kids to do some mini builds each day on the countdown to Christmas. Featuring many characters that can be contributed into bigger builds your children may already have or even be receiving for Christmas. There are three types, a neutral, boys and a girls one for all your needs. Only $59.99. You can't go wrong with this set that would be perfect for all lego lovers.

Leggo city advent calendar

Fairy Floss Advent Calendar

Who doesn't love fairy floss? At any age fairy floss is such a sweet treat and with this advent calendar from Fluffy Crunch, your children can taste a flavour of one each day on the lead up to Christmas. These can be shared with the whole family, but more than likely to be consumed at pace given how tasty they are. This is the perfect way to taste all the different flavours before you commit to any full sized flavour. Retails from $160.

Fair floss advent calendar

Harry Potter Accessories Advent Calendar

This calendar from The Advent Boxes is for all Harry Potter fans! Collect all the accessories from Harry Potter in the days leading up to Christmas to make the month of December extra special. These awesome goodies can be enjoyed all year round and is particularly useful for decorating school bags and pencil cases .Retails for $99.95.

Harry Potter advent calendar

Pokémon Pocket Pop Advent Calendar

Gotta catch all the Pokémon with this advent calendar at EB Games with 24 pops to collect each day of December. This calendar is for the ultimate Pokémon trainer and the perfect way to set up your children for Christmas day this year. They'll find a cute little creature behind each door.
Pokémon Pocket Pop Advent Calendar

Lush Advent Calendar

If you want to go all out why not splurge on this Lush Advent Calendar for your child? They will be relaxing in the bathtub all holidays with this huge collection of colourful bath bombs! With 25 specially selected products from Lush in this advent calendar, there is bound to be something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Giddy Vibes - Lush

Tea Advent Calendar 

 If your child is a big tea drinker than this advent calendar is perfect for them this Christmas! Let them sip their favourite teas and try some new ones in the lead up to Christmas day. 

Giddy Vibes - T2 Advent Calendar

We hope these advent calendar ideas helped you find a suitable calendar for your 10 - 17-year-old. Please check out our other blog articles for all ages of ideas for your family this Christmas! Also check out our Christmas PJs line to complete your Christmas look in December. After all, we know Christmas magic doesn't just happen - it takes thought and planning. But Christmas pyjamas are those one sure thing you can count on to bring out the excitable Christmas squeals to your Christmas day! 
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