Best Kids Advent Calendar (5-10 years old)


Fidget Toy Christmas Advent Calendar

Experience the magic of the holiday season with the Erzi  kids' advent calendar. Designed to elevate the countdown to Christmas, this enchanting calendar brings an extra dash of excitement to each passing day. Adorned with adorable characters and cleverly arranged numbered slots, the thrill of discovering a new surprise is multiplied. Only for $59.00 

Embrace the joy of anticipation and create cherished memories.
Fidget Toy Christmas Kids Advent Calendar

Sensory Fidget Toy Christmas Advent Calendar

Get ready for fidget-filled excitement. Our highly sought-after kids advent calendars, packed with the hottest fidget and squishy toys, are set to top your child's wish list this year. This calendar from sensory street prices retail for $39.00. Make this holiday season unforgettable as you bring the joy of fidgeting to new heights with our sensational advent calendars.

Sensory Fidget Kids Advent Calendar

Harry Potter Jewellery Box Keepsake Advent Calendar

Prepare to be enchanted by the bewitching combination of this kids advent calendar and a jewelry box! Is it a jewelry box with a touch of advent magic, or an advent calendar that's a treasure trove of jewelry surprises? Whichever way you perceive it, this extraordinary creation is a magical keepsake specially crafted for Harry Potter enthusiasts. Retails from $149.95 

Harry Potter Kids Advent Calendar

Disney Princess Official Pop-up Advent Calendar

The Nile brings the magic experience of the holiday season alongside your beloved Disney Princesses  Join Aurora, Belle, Tiana, and more as they lead you on an enchanting countdown to Christmas with this delightful kids advent calendar. Featuring a mesmerizing 30cm pop-up tree at its heart, this calendar is a treasure trove of joy. Priced only $39.50 

Disney Princess Official Pop-up Kids Advent Calendar

Star Wars - 12 Days of Socks Advent Calendar

One of the most beloved sagas ever to grace the silver screen, Star Wars is the story of family tensions, intergalactic destruction and restoring balance to the force. Use the force to acquire this 12 days of socks advent calendar. Countdown to Christmas by opening a new kids advent calendar window each day to reveal a new pair of socks! Including socks featuring Yoda, Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and many more. Only for $36.00 
Star Wars 12 Days of Socks Kids Advent Calendar

Playmobil Heidi Advent Calendar

Discover the magic of the playmobil Christmas ball kids Advent Calendar, providing children with countless hours of imaginative play. The meticulously designed pieces will continue to ignite their creativity throughout the year. Family and kid will Immerse in the wintery wonderland of the mountains, where sledding, snowman building, and thrilling snowball fights await. Join Heidi and her friends as they embrace the joys of winter in the alpine scenery. 
Priced at only $59.95
Playmobil Heidi Kids Advent Calendar

We're delighted to have assisted you in discovering the perfect advent calendar for your 5-10-year-old. If you're seeking more inspiring ideas for the entire family this Christmas, be sure to explore our extensive collection of blog articles. And don't forget to explore our enchanting line of Christmas PJs to complete your festive attire come December.
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