Christmas Craft Activities for Kids

Getting the family together to sit down and do some festive Christmas arts and crafts is not only is this a super cute activity you can do with your whole family for some quality time, but it's a gorgeous photo opportunity if you get everyone doing it in their matching Christmas PJs too! So if you feel like doing some festive crafts with your kids this Christmas, we've got you covered. These Christmas paper crafts ideas will have them entertained and excited for the whole of December.

Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations

Craft - Giddy Vibes
This Christmas why not make your own ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree. There are a variety of styles you could go for including using clay, gingerbread, paper and pine cones. Christmas paper crafts like these are so much fun for  the kids to keep them entertained and busy. Not only will they make your tree look super personal and cute but your kid will love making them and will be able to have those memories for years into the future. 

DIY Christmas Village

DIY Christmas village - Giddy Vibes 
Looking to create a unique holiday decoration for your home? Put together a little Christmas village using some cardboard. It's a project the whole family can get involved in making! Let the kids decide what colour to paint the houses and you can even let them draw or choose their own characters for the scene. Another one of the great Christmas paper crafts that will keep your children busy for endless hours!

Glittery Snowflake Window Clings  

 Snowman - Giddy Vibes
These are a super simple but cute addition to your windows during the festive period! All you need is some tape, puffy paint and glitter. To make it easier you can trace out some snowflake shapes onto some parchment paper or just let the kids go wild with their imagination! A great idea for Christmas arts and crafts for the kids to enjoy during the seasonal holidays.

3D Construction Paper Reindeer 

Reindeer craft - Giddy Vibes
These 3D paper reindeers are a great way to practice cutting skills with kids but also allow for some creative freedom on how they want to decorate their reindeer. To give them as cards, you could even write a message on the back of the piece of paper the reindeer is stuck to! This is a fun Christmas paper craft idea to keep the kids busy this break.

Tissue Paper Wreath 

Tissue Paper Wreath - Giddy Vibes
This tissue paper wreath is the perfect activity to get the whole family involved in some festive Christmas arts and crafts! It only requires a couple basic supplies, a bit of patience and lots of creativity! Everyone can have their own base tissue wreath to begin with and decorate it as they wish with pompoms and other decorations!

DIY Snow Globe 

DIY Snow Globe - Giddy Vibes
One craft project for the kids that they will be able to put on display and have for years to come is a DIY snow globe! The base idea of this craft revolves around using a mason jar.  Whether you choose to fill the snow globe with faux snow alone or add some water and glue to the glitter for the traditional look, they are easy to make and look great on the shelf! One of the cutest Christmas arts and crafts that anyone can do this break. You can find some little objects at a craft shop to add inside and help your kids to set up their snow globe scene. 

DIY Christmas Baubles

An easy yet effective craft idea is to make your own Christmas baubles that can add artistic flare to any Christmas tree. This is one of the best ways to create personal and unique decorations that not only look magical but are also fun to make in the process. This can be as simple as purchasing clear, plastic or glass baubles, and filling them up with glitter, sand or other fun little decorations. Better yet you can get glitter glue and write personalised messages or names on them. These can also be perfect gift or stocking filler ideas - that your friends and family will love!

DIY Cookie Plate

Possibly the most important job on Christmas Eve is putting the cookies and milk out for Santa! So what better way to impress Santa than to get the kids to paint their own plate for Santa's cookies! This activity is super easy and uses minimal materials. But, if you are wanting to take all the thinking out of it you can purchase this paint a plate kit, which just makes everything that much easier for you and keeps the kids distracted for a while!

Pasta Christmas Tree

It's not truly arts and crafts until the macaroni comes out! These Christmas tree pasta and macaroni cards are the perfect next arts project for your child. Simply make them as art, cards or even glue onto cardboard to turn them into ornaments!

Giddy Vibes - Macaroni DIY

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