Celebrating Christmas in July: Ideas for Fun Gifts and Fashion

Are you planning a Christmas in July celebration and need ideas? Check out this guide for helpful tips on gifts and what to wear to the event. 

Christmas in July was first celebrated (according to legend, anyway) in 1933 in North Carolina.  
It's since been celebrated, perhaps somewhat ironically, around the globe. 
Ironic or no, there's no excuse to not have a bit of fun with a Christmas in July celebration.
We've broken down some fun ideas to get you into the festive spirit. 

Hold A Christmas in July BBQ 
The UK doesn't see a whole lot of hotter days, so embracing them when you can is well and truly worthwhile. One of the best Christmas in July ideas would be to hold a BBQ. Get the BBQ going, have some cold drinks on hand and get all your friends over to celebrate with you. 
It's a great excuse for everyone to wear their Christmas gear and enjoy each other's company before Autumn rolls around again. 
Image is split into two. Left is by @noworneverdesign featuring a plated barbecue of shrimps and vegetables on a plate. Right side is by @wyseguide, featuring a plated ham sliced into pieces with cranberries and cranberry sauce on the bottom right. - Giddy Vibes
Bake Some Christmas Bikkies 
There will never be a time where desserts aren't a good idea. Christmas in July is no exception. 
Baking is a great activity to get the whole family involved. 
Even if you have no baking skills, basic biscuits are easy enough that even the worst bakers can create them. There are plenty of recipes online so find one you like and bake away! Our recommendation is, perhaps obviously, gingerbread. 

Image is split into two. Left is by @littleepicurean, featuring a variety of green and white christmas tree cookies. Right side is by @seewantshop, featuring a circular pavlova topped with a range of berries
Make  Christmas in July Decorations or Ornaments 
With the kids? Make some fun paper chains. A quick and easy Christmas craft that's perfect for getting in the festive spirit. 
You might not have a Christmas tree set up just yet (unless, like us, yours never came down). That doesn't mean you can't start decorating some personalised baubles. 
Exchange Gifts 
No matter your budget, there will always be gifts that fit perfectly with it. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. Sometimes the best gifts are ones that only you can understand. 
 Secret Santa is a great alternative and perfect for Christmas in July. Just make sure you put a price limit on it. 
The other bonus of a Christmas in July gift exchange is that it's a great way to spread out your present budget over the year - less stress for December! 
Get Into Your Festive Gear 
Christmas isn't just about presents and movies, it's also about dressing up! Whether that means a Santa hat or a full-on elf costume, there's no wrong way to do seasonal celebrations with outfits. 
Ugly Sweater contests have long been a favourite Christmas in July competition among friends. 
If you're feeling particularly festive, go all out with the decorations too! String some tinsel around your room, put up a mini tree (or even better - a fake one!).
Partial to comfort? So are we. That's why you'll find us spending Christmas morning (and lunchtime... and evening) in our funny matching family Christmas pajamas or matching Christmas pyjamas – however you spell it on your side of the world! 

Image is split into two. Left side features a mum and son in matching Giddy Vibes pyjamas and smiling. Right side features two children holding hands running in the backyard smiling in Giddy Vibes pyjamas.
Embrace Summery Christmas Foods 
For anyone in the UK, Christmas usually means roast turkey, Christmas pudding, ham, and all the trimmings. 
But in the warmer months summery Christmas food is the way to go. 
Think mango pavlovas, cold meats like turkey or beef with salad and prawns on the BBQ! It's not Christmas without prawns in Australia, so we've got you covered. 
Christmas in July Cocktails 
Move over mulled wine and hot cider, Christmas in July cocktails mean fruity and refreshing beverages. Think cranberry and vodka, or peach bellinis. 
Not only do these drinks taste great, but they're also perfect for a summer day or evening. So gather your friends for a Christmas in July party, put on some festive music, and raise your glasses in celebration! Merry Christmas (in July) everyone!
Image is split into two. Left side is by @karacreatesblog with three orange cocktails in tall glasses with limes. Right side is by @taraSLH short glasses with iced cocktails and cranberries on a table.  

Get Outdoors
The best part of Christmas in July is that it's STILL SUMMER! Which means getting outside and enjoying the weather is totally acceptable. 
Christmas markets are still a thing at this time of year, as are picnics and barbecues. 
Custom Christmas T-Shirts
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Planning Your Perfect Christmas in July 
With these activities, it doesn't matter where you are or what your budget is - these Christmas in July ideas are all easily adapted so everyone can enjoy them! 
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