Christmas in July Party Ideas

Are you planning on hosting a Christmas in July party this year? Not sure where to start and what to consider? Here are some Christmas in July Australia ideas.
Don’t fret we’ve got you covered with this complete guide to nailing all the major aspects of your festive function, from decorations to food, we guarantee that if you weren’t certain you’d host a party before reading this, you’ll be scrolling through Pinterest for recipes after!  
Christmas in July theme party ideas 
Christmas in July decorations don’t need to be super traditional, so don’t stress if access to a freshly cut Christmas tree isn’t viable. There are plenty of other festive ways to spruce up your home in the summer, however, if you have a fake Christmas tree in storage – it wouldn’t hurt to bring it out! An alternative option would be to use any sort of shrub in your garden or an indoor house plant as a Christmas ‘tree’ and decorate it with some tinsel or baubles, the untraditional nature of your Christmas in July ‘tree’ only adds to the essence of the holiday.  
You might also like to use the party as an excuse to create some festive craftwork. Here are some Christmas in July decoration ideas. Using colored paper or fabric, you could make some bunting to decorate the room with and using oranges you could make dried orange slice decorations to hang, which will both look cute and smell amazing!  
For the final touches, stringing up some Christmas lights or decorating the table with fairy lights will bring the familiar glow of Christmas to your party.  
What to wear to a Christmas in July Party 
Choosing your Christmas in July outfit will be a crucial part in the success of your event. There are many options for outfits whether you decide for the event to be formal or informal, glamourous or cozy. Our recommendation would be to opt for comfort – especially as the host, because inevitably you’ll be doing lots of jobs to ensure the day runs smoothly, and there could be nothing worse than a constant itch because you picked sequins over comfort! Perhaps you might even choose to make the chosen party attire; summer Christmas pjs with some funny matching Christmas pyjamas. Dependent on who you’re celebrating Christmas in July 2022 with, looking for some matching Christmas pajamas for couples or for the entire family could be an easy way to get everyone involved in the festivities!  
 Matching Christmas Pyjamas for couples - Giddy Vibes
Christmas in July party food
Pinterest will be your best friend when choosing what to serve at your Christmas in July party this year. Firstly, you’ll need to decide on a time of day and meal you want to serve, this could be a lunch or dinner but to keep in line with the matching Christmas pajama theme, a brunch or movie night would be perfect! You could opt for a buffet style meal, by making different foods in advance before your guests arrive.  
Hot tip: Leaving hot foods on a low temperature in the oven is a good way to keep things warm as you continue with the preparations.  
Some ideas for food to serve include: 
Reindeer treats
What could be better than a delicious yet adorable sweet treat to help you celebrate your Christmas in July. They're easy to prepare with little ingredients and equipment needed, making them a great activity for children to get involved in making ... that's if you can keep them from eating them all before serving! 
Reindeer treats - Giddy Vibes
 Christmas platters
A Christmas style Antipasti platter or Caprese salad is the perfect addition to your party, no matter if it's a brunch, dinner or a movie night.  They can easily be prepared in advance and left out for guests to devour, minimum hassle and maximum enjoyment for all. 
Christmas in July party food - Giddy Vibes
Christmas Movies
Whether your Christmas in July party is a movie watching marathon or not, why not end your celebration by switching on the TV and winding down in your summer Christmas pjs to a classic Christmas film. Dependent on your guest list you might choose a family favourite such as Elf, Home Alone or The Grinch. On the other hand, perhaps a festive romance would be more suited, you really can't go wrong with Love Actually, The Holiday or Happiest Season. 
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