Christmas PJs for those with sensory sensitivities

If you have a loved one with sensory sensitivities, you know how important it is to have the right set of PJ's to enable comfort and enjoyment. Even more so if you want to get the whole family involved in matching Christmas PJs. We have put together a few important factors to consider when buying Christmas PJ's for those with sensory sensitivities this Christmas. Firstly, take in your loved one's preferences as it is important to remember that everyone processes touch differently, and while these tips aim to be helpful it may not apply to everyone!

Smooth and soft fabric

The feel of a fabric is important to people with Autism or sensory disorder. Often if the material is hard, it feels like itchy wool for those with sensory sensitivities. Due to this, it's important for those with sensory sensitivities to wear smooth and soft fabric pyjamas, like cotton, linen or bamboo. These materials are naturally breathable and insulating, therefore ensuring they have a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.  
One way to ease the transition from a go-to pair of PJ's to a new set is to pre-wash them before wearing. This will add softness and stretchiness to the pair and increase comfort and familiarity. 

Seams, tags, buttons, and zippers

Seams, tags, buttons and zippers are often distressing for people with sensory sensitivities. This is why it's important for their pyjamas to be free of any of these little additions that can be agitating to them. It is recommended to try and find seamless pyjamas with no buttons and zippers and tags printed onto the inside of the pyjamas, instead of on a tag sewn onto the inside. This will create an ease of use for those with sensory sensitivities, and therefore a more relaxing bedtime routine.


When choosing pyjamas for your loved one with sensory sensitivities, it is important to consider colours. Bright neon-colours and patterns can easily disrupt those with sensory sensitivities and it is therefore best to go for soft, plain, neutral and pastel colours for pyjamas. When looking at your options, opt for the pyjama's that are calming and easy on the eyes. The cooler colours help with a relaxing sleep.

Compression pyjamas

Compression pyjamas are often a great option to consider for those with sensory sensitivities. This is due to the compression providing sensory relief and allowing them to enjoy a good nights sleep.

Non-toxic dyes

 Pyjamas made with toxic dyes and materials can cause irritation to the skin of those with sensory sensitivities. It is important to check the labels to ensure the pyjamas are made with all natural materials. 

Giddy Vibes' Palm Beach Christmas PJs have gentle Christmas designs on them, including Christmas trees, waves, surfboards, fairy-lights, and sunshine. The have been made from 100% organic cotton so the fabric is smooth, soft, and breathable. The gentle print on the PJs means that families with sensory sensitivities can still enjoy the magic which comes from matching Christmas pyjamas, without feeling overwhelmed by loud Christmas colours. The dye is non- toxic, and the cotton is certified organic cotton.
Unfortunately, our prints do have seams, buttons and tags on some, so for those with high sensory sensitivities our pyjamas may not be the most suitable. 
Giddy Vibes is currently working towards becoming an NDIS provider so those who are self-managed or plan managed will be able to use their NDIS funding to purchase from Giddy Vibes. We are aiming for Christmas 2023.  Find out more about our matching Christmas Pyjamas!
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