Christmas Stocking Fillers for Him

Unsure what to get for his Christmas stocking this Christmas? Have a look at these Australian small businesses that we recommend purchasing from that we know he will love this festive season and are perfect Christmas stocking fillers for him.

Whisky Glasses

He's a fan of Whisky instead of Beer? The Whisky Company have the perfect gift for you. These whisky glasses would please anyone who enjoys a relaxing glass of whisky after a long day. A Glencairn cut crystal design to create an intriguing look for Christmas stocking fillers for him. 
Wisky glass set

Personalised Cufflinks

Personalised gifts are great because it is personal to the person receiving which definitely makes them feel great about the gift. Customise to your recipients taste with personalised cufflinks they come in different shapes to fit any occasion. With prices ranging from $45 - $60 you can't go wrong. 

Cocktail Mixer

Does he love a good cocktail after a long day at work? Having the perfect cocktail mixer will add to any bar collection as well as convince. This mixer makes it easy to mix your cocktails and look stylish while doing it, it can be paired with some cocktail picks for all your garnishes to impress your friends, making this perfect mix of stocking fillers for him. 

Beard Maintenance Kit

Beard maintenance doesn't need to be hard when you're given the right products. Jericho Australia have an affordable Beard Maintenance Kit that is the perfect range of Christmas stocking fillers for him, each item can be purchased separately or in the kit for optimal usage.  With your choice of scents, this stocking stuffer is only $143. 

Razor kit Jericho

Safety Razors

Does he need a good razor to help maintain that beard? Safety razors are designed to help prevent face nicks and cuts while also being safe for the planet to help reduce waste. You can easily replace the razor heads with new ones so why not grab a razor kit along with some spare razor heads.

Outdoor Knives

Does he like the outdoors? A new outdoor knife would be a great addition to his hunting collection. Get an outdoor hunting knife with a different design to ones he may already have. This is the perfect gift for camping or hunting lovers as an essential item. 

Gym Wear for Him

Does he like to go to the gym or for a run in the fresh air? Be Active Wear have the solution for your Christmas stocking fillers for him. A tee-shirt or pair of shorts are the perfect size to squeeze into a stocking. Perfect for anyone who loves physical exercise or even just comfy lounge attire after a workout.

3 photos of a model posing with different t-shirts

Workout Supplements

He will love the pair of workout clothes along with workout supplements for a Christmas stocking filler for him. Many supplement stores supply protein powders, pre-workout, post-workout, fat burners and many more supplements for that extra boost in the gym or making it easier to hit your daily protein goal. 

Cologne for Him

Does he have a favourite scent? Or always wanted to try something new? Grab a new lovely smelling cologne, they can range from solid to mist sprays depending on what his preference is. There are scents for every man's taste and would be the perfect stocking filler for him.

Cosy Pyjamas for Christmas Day

Giddy Vibes offers the perfect Christmas Day attire that can easily be a part of your stocking fillers for him. Many pattern options are offered in the tee-shirt and shorts set. All of which have matching sets for families so the whole family can be matching on Christmas morning while opening all the gifts. 


A dad and his daugther posing with summer christmas pyjamas


Bath Robes for Him

 Robes can be a great alternative to a towel after a shower or even just to lounge around in on a Sunday morning. They come in many colours to suit any guy and can look very stylish over the top of his Christmas pyjamas.

Personalised BBQ Tools

Does he like to cook on the BBQ? Why not grab him some personalised BBQ tools to make his experience more special when grilling. Personalising something simple like BBQ tools shows you were deeply thinking of them while purchasing gifts that he will enjoy.

Meat Seasonings

He wants tasty meat that he can BBQ so why not include some seasonings such as rubs, sauces or salt blends. Smokey Q offer a range of different flavours to suit any man. BBQing always gives meat some extra flavour but by adding a seasoning you can enhance that flavour even more and he will love that. 


Plate with big piece of meat and seasoning in the background
Gift bundle
If you want to make things really easy for yourself this Christmas than this male gift bundle is the perfect stocking filler for him. Including some funky socks and a mug, you will cover all the essentials for him with minimal effort from you!
Shaving kit
The body shop has you covered this Christmas to ensure your man is looking very presentable on Christmas day! This Scruff and kisses shaving gift will ensure his skin is looking clean and soft, a win for both of you and a great Christmas stocking filler for him!

We hope this guide helped you figure out some ideas of Christmas stocking fillers for him, there was a wide range that there is something that would suit everyone, like Traditional Christmas Pyjamas.

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