Christmas Stocking Fillers for Kids - Girls

If you're looking for some awesome ideas for Christmas stocking fillers for kids (girls), we've got you covered. We've scoured the Australian market for the cutest, most fun, Christmas stocking filler ideas. You're welcome! 


Bright necklaces with pops of colour that will jazz up any girls outfit, are a perfectly compact Christmas stocking filler ideas, which will definitely bring a smile on Christmas morning. These days you can get ones they can make themselves, allowing some creative flair and creative quiet time. 
Little Makeup lovers - Giddy Vibes

Crazy socks

If your girl loves to live on the wild side, and loves bright crazy socks, then you can't go past an awesome pair of crazy socks. They are bright, fun and quirky - and the perfect addition to the dress up box. Socks are one of our favourite Christmas stocking filler ideas!

Kids Christmas PJs

Kids Christmas PJs are a perfect gift for DAY 1 of your Christmas advent calendar - and Giddy Vibes has matching PJs for mum and dad too. This way you can capture those beautiful family photos all holiday season - not just on Christmas Day. They are that one thing that brings families together, and fills your house with excitable squeals! These kids Christmas PJs have super cute prints, and are made from 100% organic cotton - so they are lightweight and breathable which is the one of the best option for Christmas stocking fillers for kids.  Here's the chance for everyone to look great in all your Christmas photos (mum, dad and the grandparents included!).
Kids Christmas PJs - Giddy Vibes

Windup clock

For the girl that loves to work out how things are made, you can now make your own working pendulum clocks! Both sides of the wind-up clock are transparent, meaning that the workings of the clock are completely visible. 

Underwater Camera

What could possibly make Christmas at the beach more fun? An underwater camera! Being in the pool or ocean just got more fun for your little girl when she can capture all the memories of it. This underwater camera will end up becoming an essential accessory for her these Christmas holidays! The perfect Christmas stocking filler for kids - girls, and special to capture the memories for the whole family.

Unicorn book

The story of Astra the Unicorn finding her belonging. This book is Astra’s story of love and being loved. Astra finds her ability to use her voice and her sparkle to make a difference to others. She is like we are, looking to find our place and to be accepted, and she finds that her acceptance comes from the courage to be who she is. 

Astra the Unicorn book - Giddy Vibes

Kids Apron

What mini chef doesn't need a stylish and functional apron? These are great for kids to wear when playing in their little kitchens, painting up a storm and helping Mum or Dad to cook up a feast. These aprons have tie up straps to accommodate children from 1 years old and beyond, plus a cute little pocket at the front to store necessary goodies. 

Kids training cutlery

Does your mini chef need a kids training knife too? Kids training knives are a prefect way to teach our kids skills, and let them join in the fun of cooking too. These plastic safety knives promote independence, increase fine motor skills and teaches basic life skills, which will boost individual confidence. These are a great Christmas stocking fillers for kids this year!

Kids glitter

For the girl that loves a bit of oomph – Little Makeup Lovers’ biodegradable glitter brings the magic. Not only are there heaps of cool colours to choose from, but it suitable for face, hair, body and nails!  It’s also ocean safe too – so you can feel good about it. These are just one of the great Christmas stocking filler ideas for kids of all ages!
Little Makeup lovers - Giddy Vibes

Custom sunsuits and blooms

There is nothing cuter than donning your baby girl or toddler in a custom sunsuit or bloom. You can get these made in a variety of gorgeous patterns to suit your kids and or photo look/feel, and are perfect for a summer Christmas. How divine are these from Walandella designs!
Custom suits - Giddy Vibes


Headbands are a wonderful no-brainer when it comes to sweet gifts for girls. They never get old and there is no end to the beautiful creative designs you can now see on the market - bows, ears, metal, fabric. Check out these stunning orchid facinators from Made for a Princess. Another one of the great Christmas stocking filler gift ideas added to help you buy gifts for the girls this year.

Orchid headband - Giddy Vibes

Sustainable swimwear

Little Fishy Swim's sustainable ocean-inspired kids swimwear is made from recycled plastic bottles that are just adorable! Not are the prints and costume designs super cute, but it's a gift with the feel-good factor, knowing it's good for the environment too. This brand also donates 10% of profits to protect our oceans. 

Sustainable swimwear - Giddy Vibes


With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your Christmas stocking filter ideas and fill it with the most fun toys and accessories your child will love. So what are you waiting for? Check out more ideas today by visiting our blogs and Pinterest Page

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