Funny Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you looking funny Christmas gift exchange ideas? If so, check out these funny Christmas gift ideas to give to those who mean the most to you (or not) this year. 

Inappropriate candles

There are candles, and then there are these candles. You're welcome. Because this is where many of us are at after Covid (with kids). 

Did you die candle - Giddy Vibes

Christmas Cards

This one is really only for Australians, or people having lived through the Australian lockdown. If you don't laugh at this, perhaps it's a little too soon!? Nonetheless, hilarious cards are a good choice when pairing with a small gift. Cards can be bought from Etsy sellers but this one in particular is by MBarnettDesigns (all under $10 AUD). 
Funny christmas card - Giddy Vibes

Funny Motivational Bangles


These bangles from Be Bangles ($44.95 AUD) are great gifts to motivate your loved ones with a little quote. Dainty jewellery can be bought in Rose Gold & Silver with a wide selection, great for anyone in the family. These beauties are just one funny Christmas exchange gift ideas you can give to the women in your life who have a sense of humour.
Funny christmas gift bangle - Giddy Vibes



Sassy Oven Mitts

Sassy oven mitts for that kitchen Kween. These fun mitts are by Blue Q from Quirksy on Etsy ($27.95 AUD).
Sassy Oven Mitts - Giddy Vibes



Aprons for the Little Ones

In case you need an invitation to lay a few smooches on your little ones - these aprons will do the trick. These cute designs by Ilham Ismail on Etsy ($45.95 AUD) are great gifts to inspire some little sous chefs in your home. Start them while they're young! This brand has some other funny Christmas gift ideas you might want to check out too. 
Kids apron - Giddy Vibes

Amusing Mugs
 We love our mugs - they're a practical gift that just keeps giving! These hilarious ones are from Red Bubble ($21.64 AUD) and Mugtopia ($18.90 AUD) and perfect for a Secret Santa gift.

Christmas mugs - Giddy Vibes

Christmas Prawn Pyjamas

For those that like to refer to their family and friends as a 'prawn', the Giddy Vibes men's 
matching summer Christmas pyjamas
  ($85.00 AUD) are the perfect gift to give. These hilarious men's Xmas PJs are also practical, comfy, and made for all sizes from infants to grandads. These PJs don't just have to be funny Christmas gift ideas for men, they actually come in sizes from newborn to nanny!
Christmas prawn pyjamas - Giddy Vibes

Whiskey River Soaps and Candles

When you're looking for a gift that speaks the truth, Whiskey River soaps and candles have an entire collection of soaps and candles for you to choose from. These amusing candles ($25.95 AUD) are a great Secret Santa gift. 

Christmas candles - Giddy Vibes

We hope you loved our funny Christmas gift ideas for the whole family or funny Christmas gift exchange ideas for your bad Santa game. For more ideas check out our Pinterest Page and our blog

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