How To Make Christmas Special On A Beach Holiday

If you’ve booked a beach destination over Christmas on a beach, there’s a big chance you’re looking to create some beautiful new memories with your friends and family, as well as wanting to recharge your batteries with some sparkling ocean water. But just because you aren’t at home or at the in-law’s place for the day, doesn’t make your Christmas can’t be special, or include new traditions.
New traditions are a wonderful way to have fun as well as creating lasting memories you can look back on.  Here are our top ways to making Christmas special on a beach holiday. 
The Advent Calendar Count Down
Part of what makes Christmas special and memorable is the drawing out the festivities and making mini moments with everyone. Advent calendars have evolved over the years and now there is something for everyone, to keep the excitement and anticipation building! Simply sign up to the newsletters of your favourite brands, and order in advance to ensure they arrive before you head off on your Christmas beach holiday.
For kids, these days you can get advent calendars for kid's like stationery, kid’s story books, Lego, Hot Wheels, colouring boxes, adventure boxes, beauty and wellness, stickers, make-up, chocolate, fluffy crunch fairy floss, marvel storybook collection, and lego. 
For adults you can get ones for tea, socks, coffee beans, bath bombs, candles, perfume, chocolates, and alcohol galore (mixed spirits, craft beer, wine, rum, cognac, gin, whiskey). This is all before we get to the what’s on offer in the beauty and wellness category (make-up, hand creams, pamper boxes)!
And if none of those ideas pique your interest, you can always make your own yourself. 
Matching Christmas Pyjamas
Ordering some family matching Christmas pyjamas for your beach holiday is a perfect way to create instant memories and foster a feeling of togetherness. These days you can get laid back matching Christmas PJs in beach designs (even ones dad will be happy to wear), or your classic matching Christmas PJs. 
Image is split into two. Left side of image features a family in front of a decorated Christmas tree inside the home. It features a mum on the right watching her children as she smiles. One child is opening gifts on the floor at the bottom left, and the other child is standing in the middle facing him. Right side of the image includes a family of 4 in matching Giddy Vibes pyjamas on a couch in their backyard. A mother, father, and their children on their laps smiling at the camera - Giddy Vibes
Don't forget to keep an eye on the fabric of your matching Christmas PJs. You'll want them to be made from 100% organic cotton if you want to be wearing them all Christmas, especially Christmas in July! 
Opening a Christmas Eve present 
There's no reason to have a Christmas Eve present, except for the fact that it makes Christmas even better! These little gifts could be funny presents, cheap $10 presents, or it could be part of the Christmas Gift Exchange game (also known as Yankee Swap and Dirty Santa). 
Daily Holiday Rituals
Getting everyone into some fun or relaxing daily rituals is a perfect way to create some new traditions and make Christmas on a beach extra special. Taking a walk as the sun is rising or setting, collecting sea shells, going for a surf or paddle board together and exploring local waterholes are some great ideas if you're right on the water. You can also experiment brewing some new coffee together, making fruit salad pizza, and/or doing your own 'Paint & Sip'.If you've got a mini projecter, you can still tick off watching your favourite Christmas movies too. And for all those nature-lovers, toasting marshmallows over the crackling fire pit under the stars are a few unforgetable moments you can create with your family.
Image split into two. Left side was taken by @Sandralj1396 which features an overhead shot of five people in the ocean on their surfboards. Right side of the image was taken by @Australia, showing a beach shore line with blue waters, people walking across the sand, peach sunset and a city skyline in the background - Giddy Vibes
Christmas cocktail hour 
Christmas cocktails get everyone in the spirit (mind the pun!) - and also a great way to get the boys involved. Once you've decided on your cocktail, you can ask everyone can bring a bottle to contribute to make life easy. All that's left to do is appoint your cocktail maker. Christmas cocktail hour is perfect for your outside games too. 
Share favourite Christmas memories
Asking your parents or grandparents to recount their favourite Christmas on a beach memories is a beautiful way to create memories from old ones. Times were different back then, and it’s often good for our children to hear firsthand the stories of Christmases long ago. There’s much value that can be gleaned from a different time, place, and perspective - and it's a lovely way to connect. 
Christmas Eve Christmas games
Christmas Eve games are a super fun way to build the magic at Christmas, and Christmas games are aplenty nowadays. If you've got kids, setting up twister, connect four, UNO, Christmas bingo are easy crowd pleasers - but for a little more effort you could have a night where you have to dress up as a family member. There will be plenty of laughs. For adults, Celebrity Heads and Klopp are great fun and require full participation. Or if your family likes to push the boat out a little, pick up Cards Against Humanity or one of Flex Mami's card games. You won't be disappointed.  
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