Palm Beach Holiday Ideas

Are you planning to go to Palm Beach for your luxurious summer getaway and don't know where to stay or what to do, to make it special? We've curated a list of ideas that won't disappoint.

If you haven't been before, Palm beach is one of the most beautiful, picturesque, summer holiday destinations that you'll ever experience, located in New South Wales.

 Palm Beach Holiday Rental - The Pavilion House

Staying at a Palm Beach holiday rental is perfect for those families who want to experience true luxury. Spoil yourself and your family at the Pavillion House; where comfort is top priority and the Palm Beach Village is minutes away. You won't want to miss out on the spectacular views that you will get to experience here. 

Palm Beach Holiday Rental- Giddy Vibes

Palm Beach Holiday Resort

If you want an all inclusive experience, staying at a Palm Beach resort is your best option. All fun activities and amenities are at your finger tips. The Lookout at lluka Resort Apartments comes fully equipped and features a swimming pool, balcony with stunning views and a barbecue that would be perfect for family lunch and dinners.
Palm Beach Holiday Resort - Giddy Vibes

Paint and Sip

This is the perfect family activity to capture those stunning beach views and spend quality time together at your Palm Beach holiday. Setting up a paint and sip doesn't need to be a difficult task. It's as simple as buying a canvas and paints to freestyle on or, better yet, buy the affordable and fun, paint-by-number sets from Kmart. It's a sweet keepsake, that could also involve a little family competition for the best artwork.

Paint and Sip - Giddy Vibes

Palm Beach Summer PJ Set

To compliment your beautiful holiday getaway, why not spoil yourself with some stylish Palm Beach PJs. Imagine all those stunning family photos you can take by the beach in these matching family sets. The subtle Palm Beach print features the famous pine and palm trees, waves, surfboards, fairy lights, and are instant memory-makers. They come in a dialled-down version for the men, and have buttons down the front for the breastfeeding mammas too. They're made from 100% organic cotton, so they are soft, smooth, comfortable, and breathable. They also come in sizes from newborn to nanny, so the whole family can join in the matching fun on your Palm Beach holiday.
Palm Beach Pjs - Giddy Vibes

Create new family traditions

Let Palm Beach be the place of fun memories by starting new family traditions together. Collect golden sand and seashells from Palm Beach to DIY some cute beach themed baubles that can sit on your Christmas tree and remind you of your fantastic holiday. This is the perfect way to encapsulate the memory of your Palm Beach holiday and have fun during the process.
DIY Beach Baubles - Giddy Vibes

Morning Yoga by the beach

Experience true serenity by waking up and exercising at the beach. Who wouldn't love to start the day off fresh by doing yoga by the beach. This way you can capture the beautiful sunrise and cool breeze from the crashing waves. 

Go on a seaplane and have lunch at Jonah's

If you've never been on a seaplane before, your Palm Beach holiday is the perfect time to experience new things. Get out of your comfort zone and you'll see the most spectacular views of Palm Beach from above. You'll also get the opportunity to stop at Jonah's, which is the most amazing cliff-top restaurant.
Sea Plane and Jonah's - Giddy Vibes

Go kayaking

Kayaking across Pittwater is the perfect way to experience the serene clear waters and surrounding nature. There are daily kayak tours on offer if you don't have your own gear, which is super convenient and takes out the hassle on your Palm Beach Holiday.

Lunch at the Boathouse

You can't come to Palm Beach and not go to the Boathouse. This modern, waterside cafe is perfect to sit back at, enjoy delicious food and overlook the magnificent Pittwater. You'll experience the true luxury of Palm Beach here with their offer of numerous, exquisite seafood dishes.

Boathouse - Giddy Vibes

 Go Hiking to Barrenjoey Lighthouse

If you want to be a little more adventurous and have an eventful day out you, you can go for a family hike. Hiking to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse isn't difficult and it's the perfect way to capture the breathtaking views of the coast and waters. If you want see inside the heritage listed lighthouse go on a guided tour to see all of the historical artefacts.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse - Giddy Vibes

Have a private chef prepare high tea

Ladies - have fun and experience true luxury together by hiring a private chef to prepare a high tea. This is the perfect activity to spend quality time together and talk endlessly about whatever your hearts desire. You'll also get to enjoy the delicious, and elegantly prepared desserts and sandwiches.

High tea - Giddy Vibes

Have a pamper day

There's nothing better than treating yourself with a lovely pamper day! After all, your Palm Beach holiday is the time to put yourself first and ensure you look and feel your best. Combine luxurious spa treatments such as face masks, body scrubs and hair care to rejuvenate your body.

Get a massage 

There is nothing quite like reaching peak relaxation on a holiday when you've gotten a massage! Let yourself truly unwind and relax with a massage at the Palm Sanctuary. Self care and a day away from the family, how ideal!

Stand up paddle boarding

A fun activity to get into for you Palm Beach holiday is stand-up paddle boarding! Head to Claireville Beach to enjoy the quiet and secluded strip of sand with the family. This beach is just south of Palm Beach and is perfect water to enjoy stand up paddle boarding no matter what level of experience you are!


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