Best Secret Santa Gifts Australia

Tired of gifting soaps or mini selections of alcohol for your Secret Santa gifts? Looking for unique presents so you get that invisible pat on the back? We understand what you need, and we've got you covered with our picks of the best Secret Santa gifts Australia (so they can arrive on time, for our side of the world!). Here are some secret santa gift ideas Australia.

Christmas gingerbread candle 

Looking for great $25 secret santa gift ideas Australia? A candle will never disappoint. Smells are often what trigger memories, especially around Christmas. And now your home can smell incredible with specialty Christmas gingerbread candles. Imagine this smell while you read you book on the sofa, or take a bath on Christmas night. 

Gingerbread candle

Picnic rugs

Picnic rugs are a perfect Secret Santa gifts Australia for both sexes and people of all ages. Not only are they useful, but many now come waterproofed, and or made from sustainable material like this one here hand-loomed in Indigenous Quechua.

Picnic table

Picnic tables are one of the more stylist Secret Santa gifts, if you're wanting to win the secret competition that exists with Secret Santa. It's not just for delicious snacks and wine (eye roll, we know), but it mainly is. Picnic table

Christmas PJs

Feeling like getting into some matching Christmas PJs but struggling to get your partner or work colleagues on board? Well, they can’t refuse a gift, can they? Check out Giddy Vibes’ matching Christmas PJ's in the Christmas prawn print. These are not only FUN but stylish and practical. These pyjamas are made from 100% organic cotton and made in Australia, so they are not only high-quality, but soft and breathable too. This obviously tops our list for the best Secret Santa gifts Australia has to offer as they feature Christmas prawns for goodness sake (just look at these PJs). They also come in sizes for the whole family.
Christmas prawn PJs

Hand-controlled drones

High-tech hand controlled drone with no remotes are a unique idea that are okay for adults and kids to use! These cool flying ball drone is a gravity defying hover drone perfect for any room, office or dorm and teen boy gifts. These indoor drones for beginners make awesome travel toys, kids gifts and fun birthday party activities. 


Condiments are a great unisex gift and suitable for anyone to use. Good quality mustard packs or chutneys for cheeseboards are the one thing people love, but don't often splurge on. Myer has a great range of these and other Secret Santa gifts Australia.

Kebab grilling baskets

Kebab grilling baskets are a great gift as anyone can use them. They are simple, and often a gift that no-one has. They can also be used on Christmas day, so win win. Another one of our best Secret Santa gifts Australian style.
Kebab grill

Hamilton beach sandwich makers

You don't even need to be a breakfast lover to appreciate breakfast sandwich maker with 4 levels included. It makes a hot and hearty breakfast sandwich at home, ready to eat in 5 minutes or less. You can use your own fresh ingredients, including eggs, cheese & precooked meat and cooks every layer of your breakfast sandwich to perfection. Best Secret Santa Gifts Australia style. 

Sandwich maker

Makeup bags and travel bags

Looking for some ideas for $20 secret santa gifts Australia. Makeup and travel bags are a universally safe Secret Santa gift. For those on a budget you can pick some up for less than $20. For those with a slightly higher budget you can get ones with built in mirrors, and extra storage. 

Night light for your book

Night lights for a book or a magazine is a thoughtful gift, and chances are, those going away for Christmas would find it quite useful as well. Best Secret Santa Gifts Australia style. 

Australia weather station

A stylish weather station in the shape of Australia predicts the weather with crystal formations. The temperature and pressure affect solubility and the crystals form in response to weather changes - cool huh! It's perfect for an office and a great talking piece for any office space. Best Secret Santa gift Australia style. 
Weather station

Funny aprons

And for those who like to create an awkward moment, we recommend a naughty apron of sorts - depending on your audience. We wouldn't want to corrupt you by suggesting anything like this or dad joke aprons like this.

Vodka Bauble set

This one's for the adult secret santa! Newy Distillery's vodka boozy bauble set is a gift that any adult will love receiving on Christmas day. With some of the Distillery's best selling vodkas, there's guaranteed to be some yummy cocktails being passed around after this gift exchange! Therefore this is definitely one good idea for secret santa gifts under $50 Australia.

Giddy Vibes - Vodka baubles

Tea kit

This one is for the tea lovers! This Sipkit Tea Christmas Cracker is perfect for everyone to enjoy. Help your friend discover their new favourite tea! 

Hopefully this guide helped you figure out some ideas for gifts in australia for christmas.  Find out more about our matching Christmas Pyjamas! If you're looking for more Christmas ideas for other family members please check out our blog and Pinterest page