Small Stocking Fillers for Toddlers

Christmas is coming - and finding gifts for the occasion can be daunting for all of us. It’s already tricky enough to find the perfect gift, let alone finding one that is perfect to be small stocking fillers for toddlers.
But don’t you worry, we’ve curated a list of 16 items to add to your shopping basket this Christmas!

Little Wooden Toys

Finding plastic free, quality toys can be challenging. Luckily we’ve found the perfect little wooden friends for your little ones! They’re made from sustainably sourced wood in Czech Republic and are a timeless handmade toy that is perfect for play and look adorable on the shelf once playtime ends. 

Organic Plushies 

Plushies might not be your usual go-to for stocking fillers for toddlers. But with its small size, this organic bear toy (A$32.95) will change your perspective on stocking fillers for toddlers. This bear toy is not only organic, but is also eco-friendly and will last a lifetime!
Organic Plushies - Giddy Vibes

 Feeding Bibs

Cute feeding bibs are a practical choice for parents who have messy munchies! Waterproof feeding bib would be one perfect addition for your toddler’s Christmas stocking; they're not only functional, but also have so many cute designs offered out there with affordable price ranges!

Christmas Pyjamas

Wanting some excitable squeals around your house and some gorgeous family photos? Hop on the trend and get Giddy Vibes’ Christmas pyjamas for your toddler (or the whole family!). They are made from 100% organic cotton, so they’re lightweight, breathable, and perfect for summer snuggles! These kids Christmas pyjamas, in particular, have a really cute and timeless design, making it a perfect addition to your hand-me-down-worthy wardrobe for your kids! 
Christmas Pyjamas - Giddy Vibes

Wooden Rattle 

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the smartest of them all? your toddler of course! Keep your kids engaged with wooden rattles, they would not only keep your child joyous, but also good for your toddler's cognitive development. With its small size and affordable price, they would also make the perfect small stocking fillers for toddlers. 

Weekly Planner

How frequently do your children ask you, "Mommy, daddy, when is my swimming lesson?".  Why not teach them how to look up their own schedule? This little agenda by Second Scout is just what you need! Your children can easily arrange their schedules and see what they have coming up next in the week with this magnetic board and tiles. Not only that they're fun, but also made of sustainably sourced rubberwood, so they're 100% safe for your children!

Little Agenda - Giddy Vibes

Natural Play-dough

Small, colourful, and fun; play-dough might be one thing you want to put as one of your small stocking fillers for toddlers! Not only that they're affordable, but also stimulates your kids creativity. Win-win!

Wheat-Straw Sippy Cups

Wanting to get your toddlers out of their bottles? This sippy cup (A$27) will be an excellent addition to your stocking fillers for toddlers. They’re made of biodegradable material, lightweight, heat resistant, and elegant, perfect for you who wants to maintain your aesthetic while feeding your toddlers! 
Wheat Straw Sippy Cups - Giddy Vibes

Teething Device

As parents, we get worried when our child put everything...and I mean EVERYTHING in their mouth. So why not add teething device to your kids' stocking this Christmas? With different shapes and materials, there are plenty of teething devices out there to choose from; and some are even made of organic and natural ingredients so it's safe for our loved ones! 

Play Mat

Keeping your kids safe must be your priority as a parent, and play mat will be your best friend just for that! It will allow your kids to jump and dance around without you worrying about it. What a perfect item to add to your Christmas gift-list!

Beeswax Crayon 

Crayons are a great gift, but have you tried a beeswax crayon? These natural practical toys are made from 100% natural, food-grade material. Because we all know how much the little Picassos enjoy putting them in their mouth. 
Beeswax Crayon - Giddy Vibes

Personalised Blankets

Looking for small stocking fillers for toddlers that are premium, hold sentimental value, and would last long? These personalised blanket is exactly what you need! They are made of 100% natural fibres such as cotton and extra-fine merino wool; and hand-knitted by professionals in Australia.  
Personalised Blankets - Giddy Vibes

Summer Hats

Christmas time can be too hot for us Aussies, but don’t you worry, this summer hats ($49) would save your children from sunburn! Made of 100% linen, they’re high in quality and completely sun-proof, also small enough to fit your Christmas stocking fillers for toddlers! 
Summer Hats - Giddy Vibes


Not into hats but want to keep your child stylish? Headbands would be a perfect addition for your Christmas gift-list! It would also keep your toddler's hair in place during summer season, keeping their sweats away from their face when having summer fun!


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