Stocking Fillers For Boys

Christmas is coming! and stocking fillers for boys need to be filled! The question is, what do these boys want and where can I get them from? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We've created a list of gifts small enough to fit stocking fillers for teenage boys.

3D T-Rex Puzzle

Does the young fella like to run around the house screaming his head off whilst acting like a Dinosaur? This 3D Puzzle T-Rex may be the perfect gift for him! With his full focus on completing the puzzle we're sure that you'll end up with some peace and quiet in the house.
3D T-Rex Puzzle - Giddy Vibes

Laser Tag Set

Now don't expect all the fun to be just for the boys. This Laser Tag Set, will allow up to four family members to join in.  BUT BEWARE: This may turn the Christmas grounds into a competitive family friendly warzone.
LaserTagGuns - Giddy Vibes

3D Printing Pen

Does he have a creative mind? Maybe a future artist or engineer? Well the 3D Printing Pen may just be the perfect present for him. This portable 3D printer is specifically designed to provide him with a safe and enjoyable experience. This is possible with the ergonomic design, low temp nozzles and with the ability to be re-charged. 

Remote Control Drone

Boys at all ages love to get their hands on something that they can control.  Instead of getting him the traditional remote control car, lets take to the skies and get him a compact remote control drone. The sky is literally the limit with this toy. 

Funny Socks

We all need socks. Boys more so. Ever growing and endless holes, you best believe socks are integral part in a boys life. Why not make it fun? Funny socks are a suitable gimmick gift and perfect stocking fillers for boys. Westsocks provides a wide variety of high quality socks with multiple prints and designs. You're bound to find something that interests or annoys him. 
 Funny Socks - Giddy Vibes

Build On Brick Mug

Building Lego figures and creations onto your mug of milo. What more can he ask for? Lovebeans have sell Build On Brick Mug that allows him to mix his creative juices with his warm cup of milo. 
BuildAMug - Giddy Vibes

Stylish Christmas PJs

Christmas is coming up. What better stocking fillers for boys than to get the boys into the Christmas spirit by giving him a matching set of Christmas PJs. Perfect for boys of all ages and made out of 100% organic cotton, not only will your boys look good, they'll also be comfortable. Giddy Vibes provides a range of sizes and design perfect stocking fillers for boys, and designs so the boys are happy to join in the fun.

Personalised Watch

Boys do grow up fast. So why not help them feel grown up by providing them a high quality custom watch. Created with sustainable ebony wood, strong stainless steel finish with a premium leather band, Tymbergear manages to tie all this expert craftsmanship with a custom back plate. A perfect intimate gift for a growing teen.
Personalised Leather Key Chain
Continuing on with the theme of custom gifts. Is your teen beginning to drive? Why not give him something to pair nicely with the keys of expensive car that you paid for. Made in Australia, these customer leather keychains are a perfect thoughtful gift for him. Strong durable traditional leather, what better gift to last him a long time as a reminder of what you mean to him. Great stocking filler for teenage boys!

 Leather Keychain - Giddy Vibes

Solar Car Creator kit

Do you know a future mechanic? Why not give him a chance to express his love for such things with a creator kit. This kit is not a regular kit though. With the world heading in a sustainable direction why not teach them while they're young with this Solar Car Creator Kit. 

Solar Car Creator Kit - Giddy Vibes

Revolving Globe

We know how much the boys in families are cherished. Even if they are a little annoying at times, we're willing to bet that you'd give them the world in a heart-beat. Well, why not give him a miniature revolving one. A high-gloss finish, battery operated and with easy assembly, this a perfect desk present. 

Revolving Globe - Giddy Vibes
Leather Wallet

If a leather keychain is not his vibe, why not give him his first leather wallet instead? Olivia and Co provide sleekly designed grain leather wallets with the option to create your own monogram designs. This a perfect stocking fillers for teenage boys.
Leather Wallet - Giddy Vibes

Dino Snap playing cards

Get the whole family involved in the fun this Christmas by gifting your boy a set of Dino Snap playing cards. Just be careful if you're a competitive family!

We hope that after reading this wide range of presents for boys of all ages that you've found enough to fill up those stockings, like Christmas PJs for boys. If you're looking for some more advice on Christmas gifts go ahead and check out our blog.  Find out more about our matching Christmas Pyjamas and order your next set!